Key Features

We are eager consultants with many years of experience in different fields, working together to serve you and your business and make all your ideas possible.


Whether you need help in implementation or support, in whichever technology, we have the right person for you.

User Satisfaction

We believe in user satisfaction. We are not just a partner, we are together for a better future.


We believe in certifications. We will not work on your system unless we hold the proper certifications.

24/7 Support

Wherever you are in Canada, we are always available to help you excel and achieve your goals.

Where we excel

Intelogico IT Consulting

IT infrustructure

Intelogico consultants can assist in telephony,networking and security, servers, operating systems, databases, cabling and programing.

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Intelogico Website design

Cloud Journey

As a Google cloud partner, Intelogico works with customers to make the move as smooth and convenient as possible.

Intelogico Programming


Chatbot is a power tool. Intelogico is a leader in this industry and with its custom solution, bots and users can interact 24/7.

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Phone System

Pay Per Use Telephony

Intelogico was able to build a pay per use telephony service. The service provides basic fully redundant telephony features over the internet.

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